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Cancer Antigen 27.29 Test (CA 27.29)

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About Our Cancer Antigen 27.29 Test (CA 27.29)

Note: Fasting is not required for this test.

Cancer Antigen 27.29 (CA 27.29) is a breast cancer associated antigen; this test is the only blood test specific for breast cancer. CA 27.29 is used as a tumor marker for breast cancer and is helpful in monitoring treatment. This test is NOT meant to diagnose breast cancer by itself but it can be useful as a status check to see how cancer is progressing and test your reaction to breast cancer treatments. Elevated levels of CA 27.29 can also be markers of other cancers such as lung, liver, and prostate cancer.

This test is also known as Carbohydrate Antigen 27.29, Truquant BR Radioimmunoassay test, Breast Carcinoma Associated Mucin Antigen, Cancer Associated Breast Antigen (CABA) and Cancer Antigen 27.29.

Elevated CA 27.29 levels are associated with metastatic breast cancer and sometimes with primary breast cancer. CA 27.29 is also elevated in ovarian, liver, pancreatic and lung cancer, as well as in the nonmalignant conditions. Rising levels suggest a lack of therapeutic response and/or progressive disease, whereas decreasing levels suggest response to treatment and disease regression. CA 27.29 elevations in patients with a history of breast cancer and no clinical evidence of disease suggest recurrence.

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