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Apolipoprotein B Test, (Apo-B)

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About Our Apolipoprotein B Test, (Apo-B)

Fasting Instructions:
Fasting is required for this lab test. You should not consume food or beverages other than water for at least 10 hours prior to visiting the lab. If you choose not to fast, it may affect your results.

The protein Apolipoprotein B (Apo-B) is a protein responsible for carrying fat molecules and cholesterol within the body. The Apolipoprotein B blood test is used to help indicate cardiac risk and vascular disease, especially coronary artery disease (CAD). Apolipoprotein B has been reported to be a powerful indicator of coronary artery disease. In some patients with CAD, Apo-B is elevated even in the presence of normal LDL cholesterol.

Apo-B plays a key role in lipid (fat) metabolism and is typically ordered is there is an elevated risk for heart disease or vascular problems and disorders in an individual's personal and family history.

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