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Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing Categories

Food Allergy Tests

Looking for food allergy tests? View our entire food allergy panels and individual test options.

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Pet & Animal Allergy Tests

Allergy testing for all of our animal and pet panels & tests.

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Drug and Chemical Tests

Testing options for individual chemicals and prescription drugs

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Environmental & Insect Allergy Test Panels

Allergy testing options for general Environmental Allergies including Regional, Seasonal, Mold, Animal, and Dust allergies.

Tree & Grass Pollen Tests

Individual Tests for Tree & Grass Pollen

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Seasonal Allergy Panels

Allergy testing for allergies that typically occur during various times of the year. Choose testing for spring, summer, fall or even Perennial (year-round) allergies.

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Regional Allergy Panels

Broad category allergy testing broken down by individual allergies specific to certain regions of the country. Includes common tree, weed, grass, mold, animal and dust allergies.

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Mold & Fungus Allergy Testing

Individual Tests for Mold and Fungus Allergies

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Insect Allergy Tests

Individual Tests for Insect Allergy Tests

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More Tests Worth Investing In

General Wellness Panels

These commonly ordered blood work and urine lab tests help measure overall health and wellness, and are routinely ordered by doctors for insight into an individual's general health.

Comprehensive Health Panel (CBC+CMP+UA+LP+Iron+TSH)

The Comprehensive Health Test Panel is combination of 6 tests that measure and evaluate the body as a whole. It is a full blood panel that is used to measure and evaluate the body as a whole.

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Standard Health Panel (CBC+CMP+UA+LP+TSH)

This health test panel includes thyroid testing, a CBC, CMP, Urinalysis, & Lipid Panel. These lab tests measure and evaluate the body as a whole and include cholesterol.

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Basic Health Panel (CMP+UA+LP)

The Basic Health Test Panel is combination of tests that measure and evaluate the body as a whole.

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