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Banana Allergy Test

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About Our Banana Allergy Test

This IgE antibody allergy test uses a blood sample to determine if you are allergic to bananas.

Banana allergies typically affect the mouth and throat area. These allergies can either be caused by a deeper allergy to pollen or latex. This means that if you're allergic to bananas, it's likely that you're also allergic to certain tree pollens, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Or it means that you're allergic to natural rubber latex. Regardless, it's safe to say that severe reactions to bananas won't occur with either of these allergies. 

While the most common banana allergies are typically mild, some cases of allergic reactions have been severe enough to cause drops in blood pressure, difficulty breathing, and anaphylactic shock. 

If you find yourself experiencing a mild allergic reaction to banana, be advised that you may also experience allergic reactions to avocados, kiwis, and chestnuts. Additionally, as the plantain is from the same botanical family, it's possible for those with a banana allergy to experience an allergic reaction to plantains as well. 

While traditional allergy tests use the Puncture method for allergy testing, HealthLabs.com only requires a small amount of blood to test for allergies. 

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