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Cocaine Metabolite Screen and Confirmation, Urine

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About Our Cocaine Metabolite Screen and Confirmation, Urine

This urine test is used to detect and confirm the presence of cocaine and cocaine metabolite. Cocaine is a powerfully addicting illegal substance obtained from the coca plant's leaves. This stimulant drug produces short-term euphoria, increased energy, talkativeness, and can cause dangerously raised heart rate and blood pressure.

A cocaine high typically lasts 5-10 minutes if snorted, or 15-30 minutes if injected or smoked. To sustain the high, users often repeatedly use cocaine in a short amount of time. This rapidly leads to addiction.

Cocaine affects the central nervous system (CNS) by increasing dopamine levels. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that regulates movement and pleasure.

Cocaine Metabolites can be detected for up to 4 days after initially taken.

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