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Parrot/Parakeet Droppings Allergy Test

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About Our Parrot/Parakeet Droppings Allergy Test

This IgE antibody allergy test uses a blood sample to determine if you are allergic to Parrot/Parakeet (Budgerigar) Droppings.

Approximately 6.4 million United States households have one pet bird. There are over 350 species of parrots. They’re brightly colored, they mainly live in tropical areas, and they’re considered one of the most intelligent bird species.

Parakeets, commonly known as budgies, are a type of parrot. They are one of the smallest of the parrot species, making them a more common pet. Other parrot species that are commonly pets include cockatoos, cockatiels, and macaws. There are so many different types of parrots, that some may not look like you’d expect a typical parrot to look, for example, the African gray parrot is large and not colorful at all. Though there is a great variety of parrot species, they all have four-toed feet and a similar diet.

Bird allergies have not been closely studied in the U.S., however, bird allergy symptoms may include specific respiratory issues like the following: 
Trouble breathing

In extreme cases, an allergic reaction may result in anaphylactic shock. If the throat closes up or you have trouble remaining conscious, this is considered a medical emergency and you should seek help immediately.  

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