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Regional Area 19 Allergy Panel

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About Our Regional Area 19 Allergy Panel

Regional Area 19 includes common allergens for all of Puerto Rico.

Region 19 IgE antibody allergy testing includes testing the blood for the following 22 common allergens:

4 Tree Allergens:
Elm, American
Oak, White
Pine, Australian

3 Weed Allergens:
Pigweed, Common
Sheep Sorrel
Wall pellitory

3 Grass Allergens:
Bermuda Grass
Johnson Grass
Red Top, Bentgrass

5 Mold Allergens:
Alternaria alternata
Aspergillus fumigatus
Aureobasidium pullulan
Cladosporium herbarum
Penicillium chrysogenum

7 Animal/Dust Allergens:
Blomia tropicalis
Cat Dander
Cockroach, German
D farinae
D pteronyssinus

Dog Dander
Mouse Urine

Traditional allergy tests utilize the Skin Prick method (also known as a Puncture or Scratch test) to determine whether an allergic reaction will occur by inserting possible triggers into your skin using a needle prick. If you are allergic to the substance, you are forced to suffer through your body's reaction to the allergen. HealthLabs.com offers an easier, virtually pain-free blood test to determine the allergen status of substances without the irritation of traditional skin prick tests.

  • No painful skin pricks
  • No fasting necessary
  • Accurate results within 1 to 3 days

Our quick blood test allows us to use your blood sample to test for allergic reactions externally, rather than causing unnecessary and painful reactions by introducing potential allergens to your system. Tests are administered in approximately 10 minutes or less at any of our 4,500+ nationwide locations. No appointments, no paperwork and no waiting are all part of what makes HealthLabs.com the best option for pain-free and hassle-free allergy testing.

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