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Top 100 Blogs

HealthLabs.com searched the internet for the most informative health and wellness blogs and websites of 2017. Check them out! Follow them, and like, share & retweet their health and wellness tips and info to spread the word! Our Top 100 Health Blogs list is part of our ongoing efforts to emphasize the importance of monitoring and bettering one's health and wellness.

1. Positively Positive

Life is going to have ups and downs and Positively Positive is a site that can help you embrace optimism and positivity no matter what life throws your way. Positively Positive is built on the mindset that every day is a gift and that every single person has the power to be impactful. Their site is bursting with inspirational quotes, videos and story contributors from all walks of life. With over 2.5 million visitors and counting, it seems that fans still can't get enough of Positively Positive.

2. PickTheBrain

PickTheBrain is one of the fastest growing self-improvement websites. It has been viewed by more than 50 million people and has 400 global contributors to their blog, it's a great place to find diverse opinions about health and wellness. Whether you are trying to become more productive, or are looking for ways to continue learning or better yourself, PTB is a great starting point.

3. Alzheimer's Association

The Alzheimer's Association's blog gives insight into the lives of those living with Alzheimer's, shares the real life stories of caregivers, discusses research into the disease and acts as a community for awareness and support. It is a great resource for learning about Alzheimer's disease and how to help care for someone who is.

4. Well + Good

Well + Good is a site dedicated to strictly posting articles about health and wellness. Whether you need fitness, fashion, career, or food advice, Well + Good has you covered. W+G isn't trying to sell users products and its primary goal is educating users. From advice on boosting confidence, to at-home (or not) workouts, sleep and food posts, you will get lost and it will be good (and well!).

5. Dr. Mercola

All things health are covered on Mercola. You can dive into articles, videos and even health guides. It is a great resource to turn to for fitness guides, nutritional help or even to get answer to common health questions. Dr. Mercola truly wants to help you "Take Control of Your Health" and doesn't mind giving you the resources to do so.

6. Verywell

Whether you are looking for information on a specific disease or are interested in learning about getting better sleep, parenting teenagers or healthy recipes, Verywell is a trusted source for health and wellness information that you can not only trust, but also understand. Their trending topics feature lets readers stay current on what is going on right now in health.

7. mindbodygreen

Readers cannot help but leave the mindbodygreen site feeling a bit refreshed and inspired to do something positive for their wellbeing. On mbg you'll find all of the bases covered– green living, nutritious recipes, yoga poses, becoming a happier you and so, so much more. If you don't leave the site feeling empowered, go back-- because you did it wrong.

8. Wellness Mama

Katie is THE wellness mama. She helps people (and families) live better, healthier lives by blogging about natural products and homemade, "real" food. If you are dealing with a thyroid disorder (or suspect you are), check out her journey with Hashimoto's disease. If you aren't afraid to go against the grain a bit, learn about cloth diapering or even making your own toothpaste or lotion!

9. Headspace

Stress is a part of life, but you can help lessen stress and its negative impacts on you and your health. Headspace is a great starting point for learning about stress and anxiety. They offer meditation advice as well as great articles on different stress and anxiety causes and solutions to helping minimize them.

10. ​Dr. Axe

Dr. Axe covers conditions from acid reflux to the Zika virus. He talks about symptoms, risk factors, and treatment options for these conditions. Moreover, Dr. Axe discusses health as a whole and how fitness and healthy eating play a role in overall health. You can sort through recipes based on your dietary needs (whether you are vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, ketogenic, or looking for a gut-friendly meal) and read exercise-related articles back by actual medical and university studies.

11. Nutrition Twins

Tammy and Lyssie are the ultimate health & wellness duo. They are the identical twins behind The Nutrition Twins and are noth registered dietitians, personal trainers, and weight loss experts. From a young age the twins were able to identify the connection between eating well, feeling great and having more energy. They have lots of veggie recipes on their blog and three award-winning books.

12. The Pretty Bee

Kelly of The Pretty Bee has taken on a grand task-- to make sure that those living with food allergies don't end up eating bland, boring food or ever lose their love of cooking. Is Kelly of The Pretty Bee succeeding at this task? Honey, you better BEElieve it! Food allergies do not have to take away the fun of food, and if it has for you, get your BEEhind over to her blog and rediscover how great recipes and cooking can be, allergies or not!

13. Milk Allergy Mom

Studies have shown that people who regularly help others actually have lower depression rates and increased well-being. Jamie Kaufmann of Milk Allergy Mom has always had a knack for helping others and the empowerment she passed along to others when she started her blog helped keep her strong when both her children developed multiple severe food allergies at a young age. Her blog has hundreds of recipes for various types of food allergies and you can also find general food-allergy tips and encouragement.

14. Wholeheartedly Healthy

Wholeheartedly Healthy makes taking charge of your healthy as easy as 1, 2, 3! Laura believes in embracing self-care no matter what size or shape you are which is a refreshing change from the numerous health sites that seem to only feature a size two path to happiness. Laura also offers free step by step guides on her site to help anybody learn how to reboot their mindset about health and wellness.

15. On The Regimen

Mike has been a part of the fitness realm for 15 years. He has helped countless people transform their lives with workout plans, meal plans, and his quick responses to emails when you need that extra advice or motivation. He dives into fueling your body with macros (and micros!), so if you're looking for a thorough guide to macronutrients, On The Regimen is the place to start. He released a free app for tracking macros, and offers online coaching. Mike can make you fit, while fitting Ben & Jerry's ice cream (or whatever other treat tempts your tummy) into your daily intake.

16. Oh She Glows

Angela of Oh She Glows is a self-taught cook who overcame an eating disorder and left her 9-to-5 to follow her dreams. Today, Angela leads a balanced life and spends her time taking care of her family and writing allergy-friendly and plant-based recipes. The vegan recipes on the site claim to be "omnivore-friendly" and with the way her recipes receive hundreds of glowing comments praising the dishes, the critics clearly agree.

17. Nutrition Stripped

Nutrition Stripped is all about science-backed nutrition and eating whole to not just become healthier, but to feel better also. McKel Hill is a dietitian nutritionist who shares how eating well can help make you well. This isn't a fad diet or even really dieting at all; it's about making changes in the foods you choose to nourish your body.

18. Naked Food

Naked Food is an independent global health initiative that proposes the switch from the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) to the New Authentic Kind and Enlightened Diet (N.A.K.E.D.). NAKED is a plant-based, whole food way of fueling your body. This nutrition approach promotes overall health and its stars are organic, non-GMO foods that are free of toxins and processed sugars and chemicals.

19. It's an Itchy Little World

Jennifer's son has asthma and allergies and developed severe eczema by age three. She tested and tried a number of remedies before she was able to figure out the ideal combination of things that finally helped get his chronic health conditions under control. The mission behind It's an Itchy Little World is simple - help other people battling severe eczema finally get some relief. The site has a list of all natural eczema products and Jennifer also blogs about general eczema tips and news at least a couple of times a month.

20. The Picky Eater

Anjali has insights on both ends of the food spectrum - from sugar-free vegetarians to donut lovin' junk foodies. This unique perspective allowed her to create recipes that were inspired by the kinds of foods that junk food buffs love but include healthier ingredients. There are hundreds of recipes to peruse on The Picky Eater site and each recipe includes nutritional information!

21. American Thyroid Association

Thyroid disorders affect about 200 million people around the world and in certain countries it is estimated that as much as 50% of cases go undiagnosed. The American Thyroid Association has been empowering the thyroid community and supporting thyroid research since 1923. If you are looking for a comprehensive thyroid site, the ATA site has guides that cover dozens of different thyroid disorders. They also have handy calculators to help people calculate things like change in thyroid nodule volume.

22. Chocolate & Zucchini

For a healthy taste of Paris without having to leave your house, count on Chocolate and Zucchini. Clotilde Dusoulier is the recipe curator that every aspiring-chef or kitchen amateur hopes to find; her recipes use fresh and seasonal ingredients but they also are typically packed with flavor and easy enough for a beginner to follow. Coltilde tends to release posts exactly when you need them. For example, she posted "58 Ways to Use Your Cukes" mid-summer when most supermarkets and gardens are brimming with cucumbers.

23. Chemo Brain Fog

AnneMarie started blogging as a way to unload the harsh realities of breast cancer, but she was greeted with such a big following of supporters that her blog developed into much, much more. There have been five diagnoses of breast cancer among AnneMarie's relatives and in 2006, AnneMarie was diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer. This is one of the most common types of breast cancer; there are an estimated 180,000 new diagnoses in the United States annually. From opening up about getting Monalisa Touch treatment to regain her sexuality and healing after a divorce, she does not hold back from sharing the most intimate moments of her life with readers.

24. After 20 Years

Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer more than 20 years ago (hence the blog's name!). You can follow her breast cancer journey, including her second diagnosis on After 20 Years. She will keep you up-to-date on breast cancer research progress and striking stories of survivorship. Lisa's a very impressive patient advocate who is not only a graduate of the National Breast Cancer Coalition's Project LEAD program, but she also held a seat on many panels that reviewed cancer research proposals for government funding.

25. Cooking Stoned

Cooking Stoned is different than your run-of-the-mill cooking blog that only has lists of recipes-- because Jerry James Stone aims to educate his readers in addition to inspiring them to create simple vegetarian recipes. Check out his "How To" section for ingredient tips ranging from how to pick the best fruits and veggies at the store to the science behind baking soda.

26. DiabetesSisters

DiabetesSisters was founded in 2008 by Brandy Barnes who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the young age of 15. When Brandy was pregnant with her daughter she struggled to find resources for pregnant women with diabetes; sparking her inspiration for DiabetesSisters. The site has since grown to 12,000 members and is dedicated to providing the best resources to all women with any type of diabetes.

27. SnackSafely

SnackSafely aims to help equip schools and families with free resources to help protect the 15 million people in the U.S. with food allergies. Parents of children with food allergies have to strike a balance between letting their kids lead normal lives as much as possible and keeping them safe from severe allergic reactions. SnackSafely has a free guide filled with common grocery store items that do not contain ingredients for the top 8 food allergens. The blog portion of their site is filled with all the most recent allergy news, so you can take a proactive approach to any shifts in the allergy industry.

28. Studio Foxhoven

Terri Reinhart blogs about her life with Parkinson's disease after being diagnosed at 49. She talks about what she now knows were symptoms of Parkinson's (like migraines in her 20s and chronic fatigue). She uses her writing background to pen what it is like to life with Parkinson's and Dopamine Responsive Dystonia (DRD) in a way that many living with the same disease find relatable, and puts into perspective what it is like for those who aren't.

29. Sprouted Kitchen

Sara crafts recipes that focus on fresh produce. This sounds like your typical vegetarian-style blog, but it really isn't. What sets Sprouted Kitchen apart is that it highlights using fresh produce. You say, that still sounds like many veggie-centered blogs. No. We mean FRESH greens and fruits, like, utilizing what is in season at its peak of freshness and making these ingredients the stars of a meal. Sara's husband, Hugh, photographs all the drool-worthy photos for SK!

30. Nancy's Point

Nancy's Point is an honest and open account of how Nancy Stordahl lost her mother to metastatic breast cancer only to be diagnosed herself with stage two breast cancer two years later. Her blog has become a beacon of light and safe place for other people with breast cancer. The blog has great resources for the different phases that may be experienced during breast cancer: diagnosis, chemo, hair loss, mastectomy, and reconstruction.

31. ​The Rising Spoon

The Rising Spoon is a blog written by Elaina about learning to cook and creating meals from simple, well-balanced ingredients. If you have doubts about embracing full fat foods and local ingredients over trendy diets, the proof about the value of embracing fats is in Elaina's pudding. She went from always eating fat-free food to eating full-fats and cutting out ultra processed foods and actually lost weight. We love that Elaina recognizes that blogging is about creating a community where people can learn and grow from each other.

32. Ali on the Run

Ali was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at age 7, and despite ups and downs with experimental treatments over the years she still thrives and is an award-winning writer and a marathon runner. She blogs about spinning, running, yoga, and living with Crohn's disease. Ali's positivity and upbeat attitude resonates through the computer screen and leaves you feeling ready to take on the world.

33. Green Mountain at Fox Run

The blog at Green Mountain at Fox Run is a healing place to learn to love yourself and your appearance. They have great posts on healthy living that cover topics like enjoyable exercise, binge and emotional eating, mindful eating and body image. This blog writes about more than weight loss issues, it talks about healthy ways to change the relationship you have with food.

34. ​Molly's Fund

Molly's Fund is a blog with a plethora of posts on lupus-related topics. Whether you are looking for initial information on understanding lupus or advice on living with lupus, this blog has dozens of lupus categories to choose from. If you happen to be looking for a lupus topic you don't see listed on their blog, you can email them and suggest it! It's a great resource for those living with lupus and their family members.

35. Food Babe

Vani acts as a food detective, investigating what ingredients and potentially harmful additives and dyes are hidden in common foods and fast food restaurant favorites. She has petitioned and called out numerous major corportaions and restaurants to change their harmful ways, resulting in a lomg list of wins for consumers!

36. Below Seven

Kelley has had type 1 diabetes for 21 years. She has an insulin pump and CGM, and her goal is to keep her A1c below 7 percent. In December 2016, Kelley reached this goal for the first time, and now she is working on keeping it that way. Physical activity is one way to help regulate your glycohemoglobin, so she keeps a log of her insulin every time she runs. Kelly has two children, and also offers a plethora of information on how to get through a healthy pregnancy with diabetes.

37. Kath Eats Real Food

As much as we would all love to be the super fit guy or gal who only ever eats whole foods, there are birthdays and happy hours that come up and ought to be enjoyed. Kath from KathEats knows this. She began blogging about her meal THREE TIMES A DAY (!!!) and is now a registered dietitian who knows that having a slice of cake or a couple glasses of a great vino is not the end of the world, nor should it be! Dive into her feel-good blog, and absolutely try her delectable whipped banana oatmeal recipe ASAP!

38. Comeback Momma

If you need help overcoming obstacles on your health and wellness journey, Comeback Momma may be the perfect blog for you. Jenn Mitchell lost more than 50 pounds of post-baby weight and has overcome postpartum depression twice. If you are experiencing similar struggles, hurry over to her blog, you are not alone and this momma can help!

39. Nerd Fitness

The Rebellion is a fun space where nerds go to get weight loss and/or health and fitness inspiration and motivation. As well as free workouts, diet and nutrition guides, and other resources on their quest for being a healthier, fitter nerd. They come up with fun ways to get fit, so if running or going to a gym (that isn't a Pokemon gym) isn't your thing, that's okay, you have options!

40. Carla Birnberg

Carla is THE fitness woman. No, really! She has been blogging FOREVER in internet terms (since 2001!) and is nicknamed MizFit for all the right reasons. She has received dozens of fitness-related accolades over the years in the fitness niche. She lost 35 pounds working out and dieting, but was exhausted by the meals she was consuming. She knew she needed to learn how to fuel her body, so she did! In doing so, unlike many individuals who lose weight, she has kept the weight off ever since.

41. The Fit Foodie

The Fit Foodie is a treat for your eyes and your tastebuds! Sally O'Neal's recipes are not only meant to help you keep nutrition in mind, they are also super tasty AND look absolutely appealing and decadent! You will find recipe after recipe loaded with protein and whole foods, and lacking items that are processed and high in sugar and trans-fat. She'll inspire you to eat well whether or not you are doing so to better your physique.

42. The Lo Down

Lo gives us the down low on wellness, beauty and foodie experiences. She is like your super relatable friend who's chock full of good advice. She blogs about a wide range of topics from overcoming anxiety, to battling depression, and even discusses probiotics. Check her out!

43. Fit Foodie Finds

Lee shares food that you will actually WANT to eat on your journey to becoming a healthier, fitter you. She also shares workout routines and takes glorious photos of said food. Lee understands that there is room for tasty guilty pleasures, so she shares recipes that are healthier versions of everyone's desserts and snacks. If you are looking for an uplifting read on overcoming binge eating, check out her brave story.

44. MentalityWOD

MentalityWOD's blog is Dawn Fletcher's place to talk about goal-setting, motivation, and a lot of the mental aspects of fitness. She knows the physical performance cannot succeed without the mental aspect. Honestly, her words ring true in more scenarios than fitness and health; they are fitting for anything that requires work or effort for success.

45. The Allergic Kid

Libby Ilson blogs about how to raise kids with food allergies, but we love that she also includes informative articles about what everyone could do to help raise awareness about food allergies. Libby's son has had multiple severe food allergies since he was only four months old. She is a true warrior mom and does everything she can to keep her son safe while still letting him lead a normal life - even if that means reading every ingredient on every label. Many sites simply list their recipes, but Libby also has her recipes organized by holidays and types of food which makes it super quick and easy to find the perfect recipe.

46. Dai Manuel

As a once nearly 200 pound 14-year-old, Dai Manuel knows firsthand the struggles and hardships that come with obesity. People trying to lose weight now find comfort and inspiration from Dai Manuel's site since he lost weight and became a fitness trainer. The Dai Manuel site has dozens of free and fun fitness articles and if you subscribe to his email list you can get a list of 99 workouts that require no equipment; a great way to stay motivated to be active anywhere you go.

47. Eating Academy

Peter Attia, MD, has a super impressive medical background and is known for being a self-experimenter. He shares his own story on how he got healthier and how his health journey affected his overall health from a doctor's perspective. He has great articles on ketosis, type II diabetes, cholesterol and overall weight loss.

48. Carrots 'N' Cake

The best part about Tina of Carrots 'N' Cake's approach to a balanced lifestyle is that you get to eat cake (in moderation of course). Tina's site is filled with both workouts and healthy recipes so readers can find the resources to get in shape and eat well all on one site. Aside from food, she talks about CrossFit, her weight loss journey and fit pregnancy.

49. ​Daily Burn

Daily Burn is a great all-around health and wellness site that is sure to have you motivated to take charge of your life. They have sections dedicated to the best fitness tech gear, mental health, nutrition, and calorie-burning workouts. We love how their articles are super digestible and easy to read. Even if you only have a few minutes to spare, their list and picture-filled articles are a great way to squeeze fitness in on-the-go (or dare we say "on-the-run").

50. Hungry Healthy Happy

What sets HHH apart from other food blogs is that they believe in moderation. If adding butter or cheese to your meal makes your hungry belly happy, have a bit. Moderation is key! A healthy diet doesn't have to be restrictive to the point of exclusion. Aside from food, Dannii and Dave are on a mission to improve readers overall wellbeing across a scope of topics like weight loss, gardening, home life and even travel!

51. Allergy Eats

Allergy Eats is like Yelp for people with allergies. Despite the fact that 15 million Americans have food allergies, it can still be tough to find allergy-friendly restaurants. Even when you find an allergy-friendly restaurant, it can be tough to tell how accurate their allergy information is and if they are truly avoiding cross-contamination with certain foods. Thanks to Allergy Eats, you can read reviews about other people's experiences with allergy-friendly restaurants, so that you can get a better gauge of the quality of the restaurant. The site also lets users search by zip code or specific allergies to find the best allergy-friendly restaurants near them.

52. The Warm Milk Journal®

Debra penned her battle with insomnia and anxiety in her blog "The Warm Milk Journal" to help others struggling with similar problems. She offers great meditation exercises, advice on living (and sleeping) with insomnia and shares her waking life dreams. You won't fall asleep reading this blog, but she can help you learn how to try to lessen your insomnia and catch some Z's.

53. Beauty Redefined

Lindsay and Lexie are teaching people, especially women, that they are worth more than their weight and beauty. Women are constantly being told what they ought to look like, but being thin or looking perfect by beauty standards does not equate to success or self-worth. That kind of media-portrayed thinking is unhealthy and unrealistic. The Beauty Redefined twins are looking to change this ridiculous idea and help girls love themselves for who they are.

54. Real Everything

Stacy and Matt do more than blog about parenting and paleo recipes. They talk about real life in a REAL, relatable way that's refreshing and inspiring. They talk about loving yourself and your body and the amazing weight loss and health benefits they have experienced from going paleo. They offer tons (seriously, thousands) of clean and not-quite-perfect paleo recipes, because let's be REAL, not everyone eats 100 percent paleo all the time even if they consider themselves paleo. We love just how open and honest Matt and Stacy are, and know you will too!

55. Stupid Easy Paleo

Steph Gaudreau has thousands of happy people following her "Harder to Kill" health routine. It's centered around four main principles: eat nourishing foods, strengthen your body, recharge your energy, and achieve mental fortitude. Steph's site may be called Stupid Easy Paleo, but her site goes above and beyond traditional paleo rules and she offers tips on how to create a custom health and wellness plan for long-term success. Every person has unique nutrition and fitness needs, and Stupid Easy Paleo will help determine the exact regime to help your body thrive to its fullest potential.

56. Rheumablog

Rheumatoid disease told like it is– This is what Leslie does. She has been living with her rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis since she was 31 years old. She blogs about her life with RD, her achy, inflamed joints, and new RD studies and medications. She's been blogging about this autoimmune disease since 2009, and her personality and relatability keeps people coming back for more!

57. Arthritis Ashley

Dealing with one lifelong disease can be debilitating and defeating, but Ashley manages to thrive and ooze positivity while living with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, and other chronic illnesses. Ashley has been sick since she was a teenager. Despite learning of additional diagnoses throughout her life, her constant bravery and honest writing has created a network where thousands of people look up to her for support. Arthritis Ashley is a blog where no matter how you are dealing with various ailments, you will be greeted with respect and kindness.

58. Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls come in all shapes and sizes. So whether you are starting from fitness level 0 or are just looking for relatable, fun fitness experiences to read along your fitness journey, FBG is a fresh fitness blogs that has a no-dieting approach. FBG is teeming with motivational posts, helpful infographics, podcasts on fitness and life, and how-to videos.

59. Fit and Feminist

Fitness and health have no gender, but there sure are people (and media) who say girls or women can't do things. Caitlin Constantine noticed this when she embarked on her own fitness/health journey in 2011, sparking her blog the Fit and Feminist. She talks about (and gives much-needed side-eye to) real issues women face from sports, to athletic wear, to jealousy between women and to just simply having muscles. She's awesome, read all the things.

60. Nom Nom Paleo

Nom Nom Paleo is a paleo website with a twist; many of Michelle Tam's recipes are Asia-inspired and they are all packed with flavor. Michelle tried counting calories to lose weight, but discovering Paleo is what truly energized her health journey. She found that a Paleo diet gave her the energy to take on everything: Cooking for a family, working at a hospital, lifting weights and operating a blog. Nom Nom Paleo has free recipes on in addition to a cooking app, podcast and a cookbook.

61. I'm a Celiac

Pam, the author of I'm a Celiac, had stomach issues for 15 years before a doctor finally diagnosed her with celiac disease in 2011. Doctors taking years to diagnose celiac disease happens all too often in the celiac community, so we applaud Pam for helping to raise awareness about celiac disease. Only a few short months after switching to a gluten-free lifestyle she felt better, had more energy, and found out she was pregnant with twins. The I'm a Celiac site is filled with gluten-free recipes and stories of raising three young children gluten-free. Pam knows that raising young children with dietary restrictions can be a full-time job so we love her quick and easy recipes like "5 Ingredient Baked Pork Chops.

62. For A Digestive Peace of Mind

Kate is a dietitian nad low-FODMAP diet educator. FODMAP stands for "Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides And Polyols", which are short-chain carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed during digestion. If your gut is unhappy, Kate is a wonderful resource for digestive health. As if her RD background wasn't enough, she also has insider knowledge as a patient (she's had an intestinal resection)! Lucky for us, she wrote "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Eating Well with IBS", and co-authored the NY Times bestseller "21 Day Tummy".

63. Breathin' Stephen

Stephen Gaudet has had severe refractory asthma since he was a little kid which means that despite intense treatments, he still has frequent asthma attacks. It is estimated that only 5-10% of asthmatics have this kind of asthma. 131 hospitalizations later, Stephen is still breathing and is not taking a single breath for granted. Stephen doesn't let his asthma hold him back as much as possible and has completed multiple marathons. He blogs about a number of topics asthma like its common symptoms, product reviews, and how to keep going no matter what.

64. A Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss

Vulnerability can be nerve racking but as Brene Brown famously said, "Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity." Sometimes when you make yourself vulnerable and open up about struggles with weight loss the outpouring of love you receive can be astonishing. When Erika Kendall of A Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss opened up about the ups and downs of losing 160 pounds she was greeted with 130,000 Facebook followers and a community of support. Erika recognizes that using unhealthy means to lose weight is fleeting and does not lead to happiness, so she centers her approach on virtues like compassion and mindfulness to achieve true health & well-being. Visit her blog for witty posts and authentic fitness dilemmas you might face like "How to Handle the Gym Alpha Dog."

65. Scope

Scope is an award-winning blog published by Stanford University's School of Medicine. It discusses and explains health and medicine research in terms that you don't have to be a medical professional to understand. Scope really does cover a broad scope-- you'll find articles on health policy and even life in med school.

66. My New Normals

Nicole Lemelle is not only sharing her personal journey with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), but is also an advocate for spreading not only MS awareness,. She shares her knowledge and understanding of this long-lasting disease. Nicole has a brilliant mind and allows us to peek inside via her inspiring blog.

67. Just a Girl with Spots

Oftentimes, when we embrace the obstacles in our path we become stronger in the long run and Joni is no exception. She was diagnosed with two kinds of psoriasis at age 15 but it helped shape her into a stronger, happier, and more confident woman. Joni's blog, Just a Girl with Spots, is filled with tons of psoriasis resources and her ultimate goal is to raise awareness about the realities of living with psoriasis. Check out her blog to connect with the psoriasis community, enter product giveaways, and read about common symptoms and treatments.

68. Where I Need to Be

Marissa is a certified holistic health and wellness coach living in NYC. She was an avid junk food fan for more than 10 years and lived a life focused on sweets, microwaved meals and NYC street carts for fuel. She left her junk food ways behind in 2009 and started blogging about her adventures embracing whole foods. From writing recipes to photography and running, Marissa has numerous passions, and there is no shortage of fun posts on her site.

69. Arthritic Chick

Whether you want hear about other people's experiences with RA, pain relief, diagnoses, or medications, Arthritic Chick is a well-rounded blog with a clean layout with something for anyone who has arthritis. The lifelong pain of living with rheumatoid arthritis may never go away, but Arthritic Chick is determined to see the positive side of things and greet every day with a smile.

70. Make Your Body Work

Dave blogs about fitness. Dave has podcasts about fitness. Dave gets people healthy by changing how they eat and by changing their fitness regimens. He even wrote about it in his book "Can't Lose", which offers weight loss facts and multiple solutions since weight is certainly not 'one-size fits all.' You'll also recognize him as a contributor on Fit Bottomed Girls, another Top 100 winner!

71. Skinny Taste

Join the Skinny Taste movement and start crafting tantalizing recipes that look amazing, but are easy on the waist. Gina Homolka founded Skinny Taste and aims to create food from seasonal whole foods that don't skimp on flavor. She is also a photographer, which may help motivate you to get started, but don't be surprised if you find yourself drooling on your computer screen. Who wouldn't want to eat cheesy zucchini tater tots or spinach gratin? The Skinny Taste site also has icons to show which recipes are paleo, low-carb, vegetarian, etc., so finding the right recipe is easy no matter which type of diet fits your lifestyle.

72. Jeanette's Healthy Living

Jeanette does so much more than share healthy recipes for those with food allergies or sensitivities to try out. Whether you are allergic to a common food, or are trying to cut out (or down on) gluten, or are preparing meals for a loved one with cancer, Jeanette's blog is a true wealth of information as well as support!

73. Auntie Stress

Marianna Paulson is the brainchild behind the Aunti Stress blog. Marianna was first diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 19 and she learned about all-natural anti-stress techniques to help her get through the painful and difficult reality of living with RA. Today, Marianna's goal is to help empower and teach others about anti-stress techniques. She also blogs about specific methods for strengthening mental health like developing optimism and creating a welcoming home environment.

74. Raising Jack with Celiac

Kelly blogs to not only raise celiac disease awareness (especially in children), but to also provide resources and support to individuals navigating celiac disease and to parents of kids who have this digestive disease. Kelly's son Jack was diagnosed at the age of 2, and her husband was diagnosed a few years later. Raising Jack with Celiac is her encouraging contribution to the celiac community. Check out gluten-free and celiac-friendly recipes, read inspiring stories of kids with celiac disease and learn all about celiac and gluten on RJWC!

75. The Body Coach

Joe is helping people learn to stop fad dieting and start eating for a strong, healthy body. He is an HIIT (high intensity interval training) advocate who created a 90-day body transformation plan to help people build the body they want. He preaches that health is a lifestyle, and that fat loss and eating healthy are part of seeing nutrition as part of your lifestyle.

76. The Accidental Amazon

Kathi Kolb, the powerful voice behind the Accidental Amazon blog, doesn't sugarcoat the realities of having metastatic breast cancer. Her raw and honest account of undergoing various cancer treatments is eye-opening and inspiring. We applaud Kathi's efforts to address a culture that has come to trivialize and sexualize breast cancer.

77. Summer Tomato

Summer Tomato is like a good summer tomato-- A fresh, bright treat. Darya Rose makes following her fitness tips a breeze. Summer Tomato was founded on the principle that fad diets cause people to put on more weight in the long run and real nutrition is about incorporating natural and seasonal food into a long-lasting, healthy lifestyle. Darya's site is broken into four sections: health, habits, food, and weight control. Many health sites simply post recipes, but Summer Tomato takes the time to explain the science behind how certain ingredients or food choices may impact you. We love her comparison post on Paleo vs. Whole30 and the low-down on industry news she provides makes staying up-to-date simple.

78. Daily Cup of Yoga

When starting out on your yoga journey, achieving better strength and flexibility can seem like an impossible feat. Brian of Daily Cup of Yoga could barely touch his knees when he first started practicing and he is dedicated to helping others achieve strength, enlightenment, and flexibility one pose at a time. Whether it is your first yoga class or you are looking for ways to take your practice and mindfulness to the next level, Daily Cup of Yoga has something for everyone.

79. Unstuck

Do you struggle with taking steps towards your goals or put off projects like cleaning your room for months? When an obstacles presents itself do you avoid it or feel like you are spinning your wheels? Then Unstuck may be for you! The geniuses behind Unstuck believe that getting stuck in life is half the fun and that sometimes the people with the most goals are the same people that get stuck the most. Unstuck has a free app, free advice all over their blog, free advice by email, and free motivation card decks if you prefer to hold something tangible. Not only does Unstuck offer free advice around every corner, they also try to make unleashing your full potential fun and feasible. Seize the opportunity in front of you and grab life's biggest challenges by the horns.

80. ​Powercakes

Powercakes started it all-- a fitness blog Kasey initiated to share her healthy pancakes ("powercakes") recipe. It turned into a spot where she shares workouts and training routines, as well as her own personal successes --and failures (like over-restricting her diet and running, and running, and runnnnning). This gal is inspiring others to get fit while finding balance.

81. Uncover Ostomy

An ostomy is a surgical procedure that creates an opening for the body to dispose of waste properly. It takes tons of courage to undergo ostomy surgery and the procedure can help people who need it live a fuller and more normal life. Anyone that has the guts or gall (pun intended) to have ostomy surgery should be praised, not shamed. Uncover Ostomy is all about creating positive ostomy awareness. Jessica Grossman, the brilliant and daring founder, was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at age 8. After countless hospital stays and intense pain, Jessica had ostomy surgery in 2003. She went on to get her Master's degree, start a career in digital marketing, and she now works relentlessly to reduce stigma surrounding ostomy.

82. Fit Pregnancy

The folks at FitPregnancy have all the advice a woman could ever need in terms of pregnancy. They cover health during pregnancy, news and research surrounding pregnancy and information on labor and delivery. They also are there after those 9 months have passed-- with information on exercise, infant health, parenting and more!

83. Our Diabetic Life

Our Diabetic Life is the kind of blog that you will find yourself unable to stop reading at 2 in the morning. It will have you laughing one minute and crying the next. Meri, the author of Our Diabetic Life, is a true warrior. She got married at age 20, had three children (all of which developed diabetes at very young ages), then lost her husband to metastatic melanoma. A few years later, Meri met someone and is now happily remarried with a total of nine children. If you have young children with diabetes and need a place to turn to for help, or just want to connect with someone who has had similar experiences, Our Diabetic Life is a warm and comforting blog that we can't get enough of.

84. A Splintered Mind

Douglas Cootey's personal online journal is an intimate account of his trials and tribulations dealing with ADHD and depression. Even when Douglas's depression is at its worst, he presses forward and holds on to the fact that things will get better. On A Splintered Mind you can also find handy tips for how to tackle the challenges that come with having ADHD in a natural and productive way. We love that he greets ADHD with humor- anyone with ADHD will find comfort in the fact that other people also struggle to remember names, clear out their inboxes, or have less than one thousand tabs open.

85. Girl in Healing

An estimated 780,000 Americans have Crohn's disease, and yet when Alexa was a 12-year-old with symptoms as severe as vomiting and weight loss, a number of doctors quickly dismissed her symptoms before she was finally diagnosed. Alexa tried traditional medications to help tame her Crohn's disease, but found that the effectiveness of the medications was fleeting. Eventually she implemented nutrition techniques to help control her Crohn's symptoms; the results were life-changing and inspired Alexa to create Girl in Healing. If you're not finding relief from traditional Crohn's disease medications, talk to your doctor about giving Alexa's fun, easy recipes a shot.

86. My Darling Lemon Thyme

Emma Galloway started My Darling Lemon Thyme in 2010 to share original recipes and tips on organic gardening. She worked as a chef for nearly 8 years and was also raised mainly eating from an organic garden. Emma and her family have certain food allergies, so many of her recipes are about creating beautiful and tasty gluten-free vegetarian food. If you can't get enough of her recipes online? Order her cookbook for your kitchen!

87. Gluten-Free Globetrotter

Erin Smith is proof that having celiac disease does not have to hold you back from enjoying food all over the world and following your dreams. Erin has had celiac disease for more than 35 years, and in 2005 she decided to brave traveling alone. Erin embraced her fears and had an amazing time traveling the globe. Today she strives to share gluten-free places to eat all over the world like the best places to eat gluten-free pasta in Italy.

88. Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer is unique from other breast cancer support websites in that it is largely centered around the post-treatment phase of cancer. The author of the site was only 34 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and found that there was a lack of information about the fatigue and depression many people feel once they finish treatment. She started the blog as a resource to help others learn how to cope during the post-treatment phase.

89. Ellen Bard

Ellen Bard knows that it can be hard to find the time to invest in self-care, but she is on a mission to help you find your inner light, let it shine, and make it brighter through personal growth. Ellen Bard has more than a decade of experience implementing self-help strategies and she truly wants to help people's inner light shine as brightly as possible. You can find free resources and easy to digest articles on her site such as "5 Ways to Feel Creative More Often" to help you get some momentum on your journey to self discovery and never slow down.

90. Lawyers with Depression

A study by the American Bar Association found that 28% of practicing lawyers struggle with depression. Dan Lukasik was the first person to create a website dedicated to helping lawyers, judges and law students deal with depression. His work has been featured by some of the most reputable news sources, and his blogs has 100+ posts to help people cope with depression. He blogs about a variety of depression-related topics and practical coping tips, and heartwarming stories about other lawyers with depression.

91. Truth2BeingFit

Jody Goldenfield of Truth2BeingFit knows that consistency and patience is key to long-term weight loss. Jody puts her practice where her mouth is; she has kept her weight off for 40 years and has 35+ years of fitness and weightlifting to back her claims. The media glamorizes weight loss and promotes numerous fad diets as the new best thing in weight loss, but Jody is here to help teach others the proper way to get in shape once and for all.

92. The Value of Openness

According to the CDC, about half of all adults have at least one chronic health condition. Raising awareness for each disease is important, and people suffering from chronic health conditions also need a community that can offer support. The Value of Openness, a blog created by PatientsLikeMe, aims to be the vessel that connects those needs. The site's mission is to put patients first by encouraging them to talk about their condition online, after which PatientsLikeMe collects the data and releases it to the public. They've already collected information from half a million people who are living with 2,700+ chronic conditions.

93. Adam Rosante

Adam Rosante believes that a healthy lifestyle should be fun and that true fitness creates freedom. We like his "kale with a craft beer" approach to fitness. He blogs about food, workouts, and self-development. His workout classes consistently sold out in 2016, so reading the workout articles on his blog is a good way to snag some of his fitness techniques for free.

94. Yum Yucky

Josie, the author of Yum Yucky hit her lowest weight of 143 pounds after giving birth to four children. Her blog is all about how to balance family, fitness, and nutrition. You can find easy-to-follow fitness tips and recipes on her blog as well as simple housekeeping tricks.

95. Fit Men Cook

Kevin at Fit Men Cook started off talking about his weight loss/fitness journey as a way of being held accountable. He has since grown FMC into a blog full of commitment and goal-keeping! Whether you're looking for motivation in the form of a challenge calendar, or meal prep tips or recipes. Kevin has succeeded in his own personal body transformation and wants to help others improve and succeed, too.

96. Skip Prichard Leadership Insights

At its simplest form, Skip Prichard's Leadership Insights is about helping people succeed. When Skip was a child, his parent's housed people who were struggling from abuse or addiction and helped them get back on their feet. Skip watched some of these people completely turn their life around right away and others struggle for years; he got to see first-hand what it takes to be successful. Today Skip is a successful CEO who fills his site with a collection of leadership tools and inspiration to help anyone advance in their life.

97. Everything Matters

The brave Monica Cassani has experienced first-hand the negative impact the pharmaceutical industry can have on people. Monica is a mental health professional that started Everything Matters as a way to document her experiences with pharmaceuticals and help others embrace all-natural methods for healing. With more than 5,000 posts to peruse and sections on dozens of different mental illnesses, Everything Matters has become a trusted source on self-help for thousands of people.

98. Six Simple Rules

Six Simple Rules was founded around these six guiding principles: be happy, be nice, be a leader, be organized, be a lifelong learner, and be healthy. David Singer, the author of Six Simple Rules, has a goal of creating world peace and he believes that if everyone was happy then world peace would naturally happen. Check out his blog for hundreds of articles on actionable ways you can improve your life by following the Six Simple Rules.

99. The Girl's Guide to Diabetes

Sysy and Ana are two sisters on a mission. They have both had diabetes since a young age and they relentlessly empower other diabetics with advice while raising awareness about diabetes. The sisters open up about their own daily struggles with diabetes. Their perspective which helps others in the diabetic community who share similar experiences. Their genuine intention to help others is apparent, and they allow anyone to reproduce any of the content on their site.

100. ZDoggMD

The doctor rapper will see you now. If reading journals authored by doctors or trying to understand the ins and outs of the medical world has you yawning, ZDoggMD may be just the alternative health source you've been needing. Zubin Damania, aka ZDoggMD, spent 10 years working in hospitals and became frustrated with the problems of America's health care system, so he started creating rap videos online to combat his frustrations. ZDoggMD quickly went viral and his collection of health care rap videos have been viewed millions of times and his blog posts receive thousands of shares.

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