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Troponin Cardiac Test

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About Our Troponin Cardiac Test

Troponin T is a protein found in heart muscle (myocardial muscle). It is released into the blood when there is damage to the heart.

A troponin test is primarily ordered to help diagnose a heart attack and rule out other conditions with similar signs and symptoms, like angina (chest pain). Troponin tests are also sometimes used to evaluate people for heart injury caused by injuries other than heart attack or to distinguish signs and symptoms like chest pain that may be stemming from non-heart related causes. 

Troponin is part of a protein complex which regulates the contraction of striated muscle, including the muscle that makes up the heart. In acute coronary syndromes (ACS), it can be detected in blood at 4-8 hours following the onset of chest pain, reaches a peak concentration at 12-16 hours, and remains elevated for 5-9 days. 

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