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Trichomoniasis Testing

Trichomoniasis Testing

Trichomoniasis Test Popular Test

This urine test for both men and women checks for Trichomoniasis, a sexually transmitted infection caused by parasitic protozoans.

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About Our Trichomoniasis Testing

Local Trichomoniasis Testing

Our selection of local trichomiasis testing allows for you to choose from over 4,500 labs across the U.S.. Once you select your test and the lab that is most conveniently located for you, you are able to drop in without an appointment. No doctor referral or insurance is needed.

How Do We Perform Our Trichomoniasis Test?

Most trichomoniasis testing requires invasive swab testing, however, HealthLabs.com performs a simple urine test. Patients must provide a “first catch” urine sample which is about 20-30 ml of the initial stream once you begin urinating. It’s important to avoid urination for 1-2 hours prior to providing a sample.

When Should You Be Tested For Trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis’s incubation period can range from several days to several weeks after transmission. Symptoms are fairly uncommon but when they do occur, the male urethra may be affected, or the genital tract for females. We recommend frequent and regular testing for all of the most common STDs.


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