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Standard Plus Male Wellness Panel

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About Our Standard Plus Male Wellness Panel

Fasting Instructions:

Fasting is required for this lab test. You should not consume food or beverages other than water for at least 8 hours prior to visiting the lab. If you choose not to fast, it may affect your results.

The Standard Male Wellness Panel is a collection of tests that helps assess male health. This test also provides hormone testing that allows doctors to evaluate complications both in general health and reproductive health. 

What Does the Standard Plus Male Wellness Panel Include?

The Standard Plus Male Wellness Panel includes all of the tests from the Standard Male Wellness Panel, plus the following:

  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Test: Measures the amount of HGH in the blood to assess the health of the pituitary gland. 
  • Testosterone, Free and Total Test: Measures the amount of testosterone in the body that is both bound (bound to proteins) and free (not bound to proteins) to identify the cause of certain symptoms like decreased sex drive and loss of muscle mass. 
  • Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy (calcidiol) Test: Measures the amount of calcidiol in the blood to identify Vitamin D deficiency as a possible cause of certain symptoms like bone weakness.

Both the Standard Plus Male Wellness Panel and the Standard Male Wellness Panel allow healthcare providers to assess the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, liver disease, and diabetes in patients. However, only the Standard Plus Male Wellness Panel measures the levels of two important hormones (HGH and testosterone) that, when imbalanced can cause unwanted symptoms, like loss of sex drive.

Why Is It Important for Men to Take This Panel?

By monitoring certain health markers, men and their healthcare providers can see trends that may indicate an elevated risk of certain illnesses, like cardiovascular disease and even certain types of tumors. 

As men age, both HGH and testosterone levels decline. HGH starts to decline as early as after puberty by as much as 14 percent every 10 years. Testosterone levels typically start to decline in men at age 40. When HGH and testosterone levels decrease, they can cause symptoms that interrupt one’s quality of life. For example, low testosterone levels can occur due to chronic health conditions like diabetes and obesity and can cause symptoms like decreased sex drive and a significant change in one’s sleep patterns. Elevated testosterone levels can also produce symptoms and may indicate health concerns like certain types of tumors or hyperthyroidism. 

Any man concerned with monitoring overall health should consider getting a Standard Plus Male Wellness Panel. Men aged 40 years and older, or men under the age of 40 with symptoms of low testosterone, may benefit more from this test, because of the additional testosterone and HGH testing.  

How to Prepare for the Standard Plus Male Wellness Panel

The Standard Plus Male Wellness Panel requires a blood sample and a urine sample. Patients should refrain from eating and drinking for at least 9 to 12 hours before testing—water is allowed. Since the Standard Plus Male Wellness Panel includes a Thyroid Profile and a Testosterone Test, patients should refrain from taking biotin (vitamin B7) supplements or vitamins containing biotin at least 48 hours before testing. These supplements can interact with certain tests and can cause false results. 

To complete the Standard Plus Male Wellness Panel, place your order online and use our lab locator to find the lab closest to you. When you visit the lab, make sure to bring your lab requisition form. You do not need an appointment to visit the lab—walk-ins are welcome. The results of your Standard Plus Male Wellness Panel will arrive at your HealthLabs.com account in one to three business days.


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