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Comprehensive Male Wellness Panel

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About Our Comprehensive Male Wellness Panel

Fasting Instructions:

Fasting is required for this lab test. You should not consume food or beverages other than water for at least 8 hours prior to visiting the lab. If you choose not to fast, it may affect your results.

The Comprehensive Male Wellness Panel is our most comprehensive test for male health. This panel includes 19 tests that allow patients and their doctors to evaluate overall nutritional status, hormone health, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and foundational indicators of general well-being like cholesterol. 

What Does the Comprehensive Male Wellness Panel Include?

The Comprehensive Male Wellness Panel includes all of the tests from the Standard Plus Male Wellness Panel, plus the following vitamin and mineral deficiency tests:

What Is the Difference Between the Comprehensive and the Standard Plus Male Wellness Panel?

The Comprehensive Male Wellness Panel gives detailed insight into one’s health, including hormone levels and vitamin and mineral levels that, when deficient, can affect a number of systems in the body and lead to symptoms such as infertility and slow wound healing.

The Standard Plus Male Wellness Panel allows doctors to evaluate overall health, including testosterone and HGH testing, but does not include comprehensive vitamin and mineral deficiency testing. The Standard Plus Male Wellness Panel only tests for vitamin D (calcidiol) deficiency.

To learn more about the Standard Plus Male Wellness Panel, click here

Why Is It Important to Take This Panel?

The Comprehensive Male Wellness Panel allows physicians to monitor how certain medications are working or affecting one’s health. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can occur when taking certain maintenance medications. For example, the drug Metformin (used to treat type 2 diabetes), is associated with vitamin B12 deficiency. 

When completed annually, this test also allows healthcare providers to monitor for early signs of chronic conditions associated with aging, like high A1C levels associated with prediabetes and diabetes, and nutritional deficiencies that can lead to diet-related illnesses, like cardiovascular disease. 

Who Should Consider a Comprehensive Male Wellness Panel?

Any adult male who is interested in learning more about his overall health should consider the Comprehensive Male Wellness Panel. 

Adult men who have symptoms of aging, like muscle loss or decreased libido, may benefit from this test, as well as men aged 40 years and older who are concerned about their risk of developing chronic conditions associated with aging, like chronic kidney disease and diabetes. 

How to Prepare for This Panel

To complete the Comprehensive Male Wellness Panel, you’ll need to give a blood sample and a urine sample. Fasting is necessary for this test. Patients should refrain from eating or drinking (except for water) for 9 to 12 hours before this test. The Comprehensive Male Wellness Panel includes a Thyroid Panel and Testosterone Test that use biotin technology. If you are currently taking biotin (vitamin B7) supplements or supplements containing biotin, stop taking them for at least 48 hours before testing. Biotin supplements can interfere with certain tests, including hormone and vitamin deficiency tests, and may cause false results. 

To order the Comprehensive Male Wellness Panel, purchase the test on our website and take your lab requisition form to a certified laboratory. You can find a location that’s most convenient for you using our lab locator. Visit the lab during their business hours to have your samples collected—an appointment is not needed. The results of your Comprehensive Male Wellness Panel will arrive in your HealthLabs.com account within one to three business days.


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Medically Reviewed by: 2019-03-07

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